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UK Native Tree Info

This is a list of all 33 native* UK & Irish tree species

Click the common name for more information & bonsai advice - or - click the latin name for more information at the Woodland Trusts' website

family common name latin name welsh name
Betulacae Alder, Black Alder Alnus glutinosa gwernen
Oleaceae Ash Fraxinus excelsior onnen
Salicaceae Aspen Populus tremula aethnen
Fagaceae Beech Fagus sylvatica ffawydden
Betulaceae Birch: Downy Birch Betula pubescens bedw
Betulaceae Birch: Silver Birch Betula pendula bedw
Salicaceae Black Poplar Populus nigra poplys du
Buxaceae Box Buxus sempervirens  
Rosaceae Cherry: Bird Cherry Prunus padus  
Rosaceae Cherry: Wild Cherry Prunus avium ceiriosen bren
Salicaceae Crab Apple Malus sylvestris afallen
Ulmaceae Elm: Wych Elm Ulmus glabra llwyfen
Aceraceae Field Maple Acer campestre masarnen
Rosaceae Hawthorn, Whitethorn Crataegus monogyna draenen wen
Corylaceae Hazel Corylus avellana collen
Aquifoliaceae Holly Ilex aquifolium celynnen
Corylaceae Hornbeam Carpinus betulus oestrwydden
Cupressaceae Juniper Juniperus communis merywen
Tiliaceae Lime: Large Leaved, Linden Tilia platyphyllos pisgwydd
Tiliaceae Lime: Small Leaved, Linden Tilia cordata pisgwydd
Rosaceae Midland Thorn Crataegus laevigata  
Fagaceae Oak: Common, English, or Pendunculate Quercus robur derw
Fagaceae Oak: Sessile, Durmast Quercus petraea derw
Rosaceae Rowan, Mountain Ash Sorbus aucuparia  
Pinaceae Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris ffynidwydd yr Alban
Ericaceae Strawberry Tree Arbutus unedo  
Rosacea Whitebeam Sorbus aria  
Rosaceae Wild Service Tree Sorbus torminalis  
Salicaceae Willow: Bay Willow Salix pentandra helygen
Salicaceae Willow: Crack Willow Salix fragilis helygen
Salicaceae Willow: Goat / Pussy Salix caprea helygen
Salicaceae Willow: White Willow Salix alba helygen
Taxaceae Yew Taxus baccata ywen

There are other common but non-native trees, such as Sycamore, that are widespread in the UK

Blackthorn is a great species for bonsai but doesn't appear in this list as it is classed as a shrub

* the generally accepted definition of native trees is those that colonised the British Isles after the last ice age and before they were cut off from the rest of Europe by the rising sea levels

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