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Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 150 grams

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150 gram pouch of rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi - Gives Bonsai Trees a massive boost after repotting by effectively providing a second root system within a few weeks.

Product Description

Mycorrhizal fungi have been working with our trees and plants for millions of years They form a symbiotic relationship which is one that benefits both partners. The fungi helps gather nutrients and water for the tree and the tree in turn provides sugars back to the fungi. When you see mushrooms in woodlands, their mycellium (root like structure) is in a symbiotic replationship with the roots of the trees around you.

Most trees will naturally form relationships with fungi but it takes some time and with bonsai we are normally repotting the tree before the fungi become established.
By using rootgrow products when repotting, the mycorizal fungi will begin to functon within just a few weeks providing almost instant benefit to the tree. The relationship will last and increase in effect until the next time you repot, when the fungi's mycelium, or fine network of fibres, will be destroyed and rootgrow fungi should be applied again.

It's extremely economical with a 150 gram re-sealable pack being able to treat around 10 average sized bonsai trees. Full instrucions are included but in general you sprinkle a small handful onto the bottom layer of soil when repotting, then place the tree roots directly on the granules ensuring direct contact between the roots and the granules, before filling the pot with soil as usual.

RHS approved rootgrow mycorrhizal fungiRHS Garderners find plants treated with rootgrow:

  • Have superior plant establishment with better natural vigour and health.
  • Overcome repotting problems more successfully.
  • Have better developed root systems.
  • Are better able to cope with conditions of drought.

From Bonsai Focus Magazine (March/April 2010):

  • "a bonsai with mycorrhiza fungi will be more vigorous and will take in nutrients more easily and in larger quantities. Your bonsai tree will be more immune to disease and will grow better. Especially when repotting or when you work with starter material from a nursery it might be wise to add mycorrhiza to the roots."

Alan Titchmarsh writing in The Express newspaper:

  • "It is also worth using mycorrhizal fungi which you can buy, dry in sachets, especially for tree planting."

Jon Ardle writing in RHS The Garden Magazine:

  • "The efficiency of mycorrhizal roots can make the difference between life and death."

NB: Rootgrow fungi will have no effect on Azaleas or other acid-loving plants as it gets broken down by the acidity - but it will cause no harm if applied by mistake.

Rootgrow fungi is beneficial to most garden plants and when planting in the ground, it will provide a lifetime of benefit from one application. The only plants it has no benefit for are: Brassicas, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heathers, Cranberries and Blueberries.

Click here for more infomation about mycorrhizal fungi & rootgrow products.

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